Why the 3M 7500 / 2097 is the best combination Respirator and Filter during the Pandemic.

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You want to buy a mask that will be not only comfortable but effective.

There are so many options out there. Which one to choose ?

The least expensive option, NK95 type masks, will more than likely come from China. You get what you pay for. We don’t want to go near those.

Feels Better

When buying a Respirator type mask you want to wear one that not only looks and feels good.You also need to realize that you’ll be wearing this mask for hours at a time. So you want to hear from people that have worn these masks and hear their stories. We have and here is the gist of what most have said. The 3M 7500 Series mask has a silicone barrier that is far more effective than the rubber versions. See blog post 5/1/2020. 

Most of the users have commented that silicone is more comfortable and is less stressful to the skin especially after wearing it for 8-10 hours a day.

Comfortable Straps

The 7500 Series mask is also much easier to put on and secure. Its straps  won’t get caught in your hair and is a far cry from the stapled rubber bands the disposable face masks have.

Filters - Why the 3M-2097 is the right choice 

I won’t go on to explain all the fine details of the effectiveness of the 3M 2097 filter. There are plenty of sites that have thousands of articles and scientific evidence. We know it’s good because we see who’s buying the 2097 filters from us. Doctors and Hospitals have ordered thousands of these filters from us over and over again. I think it’s safe to say, If it’s good enough for Emergency Rooms, it’s good for everyone.

Our most popular selling size is the 3M 7502 which is a Medium sized mask.

We have it available on our site ( click here) and we’re confident you’ll feel safe with it.

I want to hear from you. 

Email me info@extrastuff2009.com 

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