3M 7500 vs 3M 6000 Series Respirators

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3M 7500 vs 3M 6000 Series Respirators

A Quick and Practical Review

By: John Price

The 3M 7500 Series which includes the 7501, 7502, and 7503, small, medium & large respectively, has improved strap design which makes it easier to put on and take off also has a silicone face-piece trim rather than a rubber trim that the 6000 series has.

 With respect to the respirators, what’s the difference between silicone and rubber you might ask?

The silicone is a softer material and the trim will conform to your unique facial features better than the rubber trim. Also, the silicone will not make you sweat as much as the rubber ones and after a few days of use, the smell of a rubber mask may not be as pleasant as the silicone.

Wearing glasses or goggles?

If you are wearing glasses or safety goggles, you are going to love the 7500 Series.

The design of the 7500 has an exhaust/exhale feature that forces the air down after it exits the mask. This prevents nearly all the moist air you exhale from rising and fogging up your glasses or goggles.

Care Note:

At the end of the day you should let the respirator air-dry. Don’t put it away or bag it until it dries up completely.

What Filter is best to use with the 7500 ?

This is the subject of my next article but in short I recommend the 3M 2097

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  • Hi I’ve got a 3m 7500 half mask ,I’ve been told to get 2091 filters (for lead welding) but I can’t find them,could you please advise if these are the correct ones and where to purchase them or what filters i should use many thanks

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